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Scalfari: Francis' Goal Is One World Religion

Francis has often said to the Italian atheist Eugenio Scalfari, 96, that he wanted to end “conflicts” between Catholics and Protestants and make the differences between them "bearable."

Scalfari writes (, November 20) that, as a matter of fact, Francis has gone far beyond this “challenge” and has also dealt with non-Christian religions because God is for Francis “not simply Christian."

Francis' belief that there is "only one God" who is "the same everywhere," is for Scalfari "revolutionary." According to Scalfari it is the goal of Francis to make clear that "there is only one God and one religion."


Fr Dan
Surly not.. one world religion is a screaming sign of antiChrist that would be rejected by thd faithful, but embraced by the world.
It's impossible to end conflicts between Catholics and Protestants any more than between truth and falsehood, respectively, Your Holiness. Good luck with that. 'course that's taking an atheist at his word absent any factual support for his claims.
Fr Dan
They tried, thsts what the Mass of Paul VI attempted to do. Change thd Mass to be more like protestants and they'll flood in church. They didn't come and we lost