Scalfari: Foolish Francis Went Again to Confession

Francis, 83, received again absolution from the anti-Church journalist Eugenio Scalfari, 96, who has embarrassed him so many times.

Like Francis, Scalfari has always been on the side of those in power. He was a member of the Fascist Party and editor-in-chief of Roma Fascista. After the war, he quickly married a Jewish woman. With the money of two socialist oligarchs he founded a fake-news weekly.

On August 1, Scalfari informed on that he met Francis on July 30 in Santa Marta for almost an hour - while Francis has no time for his cardinals. The ungodly keeps calling Francis "our Pope," even "His Holiness."

Making fun about Francis, Scalfari writes that Francis discovered "in recent months" the problem of the "earthly climate." Francis climate encyclical dates from May 2015.

Scalfari reveals that since their meeting, they exchanged many letter, "We are truly friends.” Despite Coronavirus, they “embraced each other physically and mentally.”

Their conversation revolved around trivialities: climate, being "modern," Francis' predilection for socialism, Italian politics.

Scalfari was told by Francis that the Church must take care of "climate change" and educate in respect for the environment.” Obviously, Francis doesn't know that in many parts of the world, "the Church" isn't even able to teach the children the Our Father.

Plus: Once Francis is gone, the Vatican's obsession with "climate change" will be over.

Francis raved about the importance of "biodiversity" in the Amazon and in the Congo river basin. Again, Scalfari mocks "his friend," by quoting him: "The importance of places like these for the whole planet and for the future of humanity are of great importance."

Continuing the mocking, Scalfari calls Francis a pillar not only of the Catholic Church but of “all the churches and religions of the world.” In previous Scalfari interviews, Francis confessed that he doesn't believe in Christ's divinity nor in hell.

Fortunately, "the poor" have no access to the article, because Scalfari wants money for it.

Picture: © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsHazvluetjn

God makes them and they get together. Like two drops of water.
Yeah, "misquotes.". Apostate exercises Magisterium through tabloids. Antisedevacanists are living in a cognitive dissonant parallel universe
That’s the guy that always so awfully “misquotes” Francis…. ;-)