Francis‘ Angelus: A Picture Of Misery

Francis spoke to a nearly empty Saint Peter’s Square at his August 2 Angelus (pictures from the Vatican's livestream below).

The German journalist Armin Schwibach wrote on Twitter that Francis is now presented with the bill. Twitter User “Bellfell” added: "A picture of misery."

From the beginning, Francis has alienated the Catholics and played up to those [powerful] who don't care about him and his Church, but only use him for their purposes which a narcissistic Francis doesn't seem to understand.


"Jesus Is King, even of popes." -why mention this if it does not apply? ;-). You've just tacitly acknowledged Francis is Pope. @Be Ye Sloppy
Be Ye Separate
Francis is not being used by the powerful, he is one of them. False Francis works to destroy our Church with other tyrants, such as the suffocating Chinese government.
Jesus Is King, even of popes.
Arthur McGowan
I'm sure you meant: "Jesus is King, even of anti-popes."

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Petíciu proti súdu s Matteom Salvini podpisujú aj Slováci.