Arthur McGowan

Francis, A Rigid Modernist, Sees "Rigidity" Everywhere

I don't think he is pope. Even if I did, I still wouldn't call him "pope" because he would be such a bad one. We cannot afford to help tyrants, traitors, and usurpers by being obsequious Eddie Haskells.

Open Contempt: Francis Feels "Honoured" That American Catholics Attack Him

The meaning is clear: "I hate Americans so much that, for me, their criticism is a badge of honor."

Cardinal Müller: Francis' Team Already Prepares Next Conclave

You seem to think it works this way: If Benedict is pope now, and then he dies, that suddenly makes Francis pope! Doesn't work that way, and nobody thinks it works that way, except you.

„A Big Lie“: Bishop’s Last Interview about Medjugorie

The "gospa" on multiple occasions has spoken rank heresy. Therefore, the apparitions are either human frauds, or are demonic.

The Francis Purges Continue: The Latest Victims

LINK? Impossible to follow up without a link!

Francis Church: The New Act of Contrition

Link? Link? Link? Link? Stories are worthless with a link to the source.