Priest Confirms Harassment By Cardinal McCarrick

Father Desmond Rossi, a priest of Albany diocese, USA, says he was harassed by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick when he was a Newark seminarian in 1986.

Talking to AmericaMagazine.org (July 25) which supported McCarrick throughout his career, Rossi said that already back then he heard rumours about the then Newark Archbishop McCarrick cultivating inappropriate relationships with young men.

Rossi confirmed that McCarrick took seminarians to a beach house and used to cancel such trips if there were not enough men to exceed the number of available beds, thus necessitating one of them to share a bed with the archbishop.

Nevertheless, Cardinal Kevin Farrell, a friend, flatmate and protégé and former auxiliary bishop of McCarrick still insists that he never heard about McCarrick's gay problems.

Picture: Theodore McCarrick, © Speaker John Boehner, CC BY-NC, #newsRlgmcfzetv
Dr Bobus
Benedict resigned after he read the dossier on the corruption in the Vatican, the nest of homosexuals and theft of money. He knew that he was too old and without the managerial chops to address the situation
If BXVI was reigning every single media agency would be baying for his resignation over the cover up of ++McCarrick's crimes. Pope Francis gets a pass despite the multiplication of scandals in his pontificate.
De Profundis
McCarrick shows how strong the Lobby is in protecting and promoting its members and destroying its enemies. Was it responsible for Benedict's resignation and Francis' election?