Rosary Stops Blasphemy In Church

Father Dominique le Quernec of Saint Cornely Church, Vannes Diocese, France, "allowed" a May 13 blasphemy entitled “Profaning the Sacred” to take place in his church (Riposte-Catholique.fr).

In the afternoon, bleachers, risers, loudspeakers and lighting devices were installed in the House of God. But in the evening, young Catholics from @civitas Institute turned up and prayed the rosary inside and outside the church, blocking the entrance in the presence of the organisers, the mayor, the police, and paid journalists.

Some angry haters shouted and called on the police to use tear gas and to check the identity of those praying the rosary.

Father Quernec, the main responsible for the uproar and profanation, accused the Catholics of nocturnal "uproar" and "profanation”.

The Catholics explained that a church is a sacred place and that this kind of event should not take place at all, let alone in a church. At around 11.15pm, the mayor decided to cancel the blasphemy.


Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Do you think it's okay to think....and perhaps hope...that faithful Catholics are slowly but surely rebelling against Francis and his homo Vatican, homo bishops and priests who allow for this garbage. A full scale world-wide rebellion/rejection of Francis and his agenda and planned "Synodal Church" would be a miracle, and would be fantastic to see happen.