Biden appears to search for something on the floor.
rose dedell
Look at this frump's dress. Can you imagine Melania wearing a piece of garbage like that?
Credo .
@ rose dedell. > Look at this frump's dress? > Have to disagree. - Jill is dressed quite modestly for a woman of her age. No need to put her down. - Not very Catholic. Check out Faith, Hope and Charity! - And the greatest of all is Charity! - 🙏 🙏 🙏
Josephmary AnneJochaim
look at Jill's face as she realises he is about to have another malfunction on camera
Rand Miller
He lost his marbles.
When I see this and ask why did BVI resigned?
Its unbelievable that this man is the president of the USA
Notice the people deliberating not "noticing" that weird action.
martin fischer
Acid hallucinations?