Pope Francis: Unfortunate Canonisation

Shortly after his election, Pope Francis, during a visit in a Roman parish, happened to meet relatives of Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee who tragically disappeared in 1983.

Francis told them, “Emanuela is in heaven.” But the relatives did not take well this sudden canonisation.

Emanuela’s brother Pietro recently commented on Francis' words according to (italic)ilfattoquotidiano.it(italic), “The head of a State tells you that your sister is dead, therefore he knows something more than you.”

Now, the family is convinced that Francis is hiding the truth [which, in this case, is rather unlikely].

Picture: Emanuela Orlandi, #newsKfhhzmonfs
"Never give up hope, let us continue to pray for her safe return", would have been more appropriate for Francis to say. Geez, why do I know this and I'm not even the Pope?
I am, hitherto, and never said the above quote unless there is another who goes by the name, hitherto!