Viganò: Francis’ First Draft of Traditionis Custodes Was Even More “Tyrannical”

The "overall tyrannical nature" of Traditionis Custodes is what disconcerts Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò most, he writes in a July 31 statement (, video below).

For him, it is necessary to give “visibility" to the protest against this unjust decree and to coordinate "public action” against it.

Viganò points at the absurdity of "abolishing" the Apostolic Mass with the argument that it is "incompatible with the ecclesiology of Vatican II" because "as soon as we say the same thing – that is, that the Montinian Mass is incompatible with Catholic ecclesiology – we are immediately made the object of condemnation, and our affirmation is used as evidence against us before the revolutionary tribunal of Santa Marta.”

The archbishop also knows that Francis’ previous draft of Traditionis Custodes sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for revision was “much more drastic than the published text.”


Jeffrey Ade
Don't be surprised! This has been thought out to the last jot and tittle.
I can't imagine how a draft could have been more drastic. It continues to leave people stunned and confused in its released form.