Opportunist: Archbishop Roche Praises Roman Rite (Video)

Archbishop Arthur Roche who in the meantime became the Liturgy Prefect and chief enforcers of Francis’ rigid Traditionis Custodes said back in 2015 that the Roman Mass is a “valid expression of the Church’s liturgy.”

“Unity is not looking just for simple uniformity,” he told SLMedia.org (14 October 2015), adding that Francis “talks about unity with diversity; we’ve got to find that in the Church.”

Father John Zuhlsdorf notices on his blog that “it is very hard to respect clerics who are just weathervanes, waving around, changing directions under the pressure of whomever is at the moment in power.”


Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
He looks like a slob in this clip. Sadly, that's how most cardinals, bishops,priests dress in Bergoglio's Vatican.
Roche is a fat, lazy lickspittle who will do or say anything for promotion.
가입을 원합니다
Dear Father John Zuhlsdorf ~, indeed.

Arthur Roche also has two faces ?
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