Austria: Pro-Death-Propaganda Instead of Soccer – Vatican Team Rebuffed

The female Austrian soccer team FC Mariahilf, Vienna, abused a June 22 match against the female Vatican soccer team in order to make pro-death propaganda for abortion and gay-fornication.

Vienna Nuncio Pedro López Quintana was present at the game.

Before the match's beginning, while the Vatican hymn was playing, three Austrian team-members uncovered pro-death statements on their belly and back.

After this, Danilo Zennaro, the head of the Vatican team declared, “There will be no game because we are here for sport and not for political or other messages."

From the beginning the game was exploited for homosex-propaganda, for instances, the corner flags were styled as gay-abomination flags.

It is an international football practice to refrain from political statements directed against the opposing team.

Will the soccer league punish the Austrian team for offending the Vatican team's religious beliefs? The league definitely would if they insulted Moses or Mohammed before a game against a Middle Eastern country.
Lisi Sterndorfer
She thought her actions won't have consequences, did she?