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Gwaredd Thomas
If you're Bergoglio then being married three time just 'ain't" no big deal. Do I hear four? Yeah, "the happy couple". Is everybody happy!? 🤬

Schneeballschlacht am Petersplatz, 1956

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Quelle NLMblog
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Vor dem Konzil, war man da wohl noch zwanglos ... Ein sehr schönes Foto. Danke dafür.
Unsere Aufgabe ist es für die Priester und Seminaristen zu beten. Dann wird uns GOTT wieder heilige Priester geben!
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Luminous Mysteries of the Dominican Rosary with Saint John Paul II in Latin.

The voice of Saint John Paul II praying the Luminous Mysteries of the Dominican Rosary in Latin. The opening footage is from the Knights of Columbus college student’s trip to World Youth Day in … Mehr
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We don't need any "Luminous Mysteries" to the Rosary. The Holy Rosary consists of 5 decades containing 10 beads each. That's the tradition of the … Mehr

Boy plays priest at home on January 13.

Video by "St. George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church"
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Many a priest started like that!
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We want this for the Youth Synod

To those organizing the Vatican's upcoming Youth Synod: This is what we want.
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Vatican response: Dream on

Archbishop Sample to offer TLM at basilica shrine in D.C.

A few months ago we rorate-caeli.blogspot.ro/…/summorum-pontif… on a pontifical High Mass to be celebrated on 28 April 2018 in the upper church at …
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This is very interesting news! I sure hope I can attend!

Friars at FOCUS S:S18

Friars from across the United States travelled with a group of college students to Chicago for the FOCUS-The Fellowship of Catholic University Students Conference which had over 8,000 young adults.
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Today is the Five Year Anniversary of Going Ad Orientem. See What Happened!

Today is a very meaningful 5 year anniversary for me, and for my flock. I wrote this, five years ago today (The photo is that Mass on January 6, 2013…
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Sorry, from the article on your site I learned that in the meantime you have added communion rails. So the picture is certainly perfect and everything is in harmony.
...but one thing is still lacking: the communion rails.

Maltese bishop who loved the Tridentine Mass dies

With sadness we announce the death of Bishop Francis George Adeodatus Micallef, O.C.D., Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Kuwait, in Malta, who died …
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Sunamis 46
Rest in peace
God have mercy on his soul

Ecce Advenit (Epiphany, Introit)

Gregorian chant notation from the Kyriale Romanum (1961), p. 459. Latin lyrics sung by the Edmundite Novices.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
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So sad to see the Novus Ordo table set up, just like the protestants do.
Uncle Joe
A good promotional video. I was taught by Dominican nuns in elementary school. Religious education (memorization from the old Baltimore … Mehr

Mitternachtsmesse 1943

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Zelebrant ist Kardinal Stritch von Chicago.
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Maria Franziska
Welch eine würdevolle Pracht !
Herrlich! Das ist Kirche!

Mass During World War II

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Christmas Mass being celebrated during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. A ration warehouse in Antwerp, Belgium, served as a chapel on Christmas Day.
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Jim Dorchak
The sad part is how many of these wonderful young men died the in that terrible war.
Joseph a' Christian
Beautiful. Thanks be to Almighty God.

Nacktes Christkind in der vatikanischen Weihnachtskrippe

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Das ist die Krippe am Petersplatz. Erst ein nackter Mann und dann ein nacktes Baby.
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Jasne Krystowo oblicze... Święte oblicze Krystowo, Bądź ode mnie pozdrowiono, Ty jeś wiesiele anjelskie, Ty jeś ucieszenie ludzskie. Krystowo oblicz… Mehr
Ein nacktes Kind in einer Krippe kann nicht Jesus darstellen, denn in der Bibel steht, dass folgendes Zeichen dazu dienen soll, den neu geborenen … Mehr

Archdiocese of Bombay, Francis gave Consent to Adulterer Communion


The Archdiocese of Bombay pusblished this album to wish "the Holy Father a Very Happy Birthday". The fourth poster said that Francis gave his “consent to opening communion to divorced and remarried Catholics”.
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Very sad
Francis can override God, Archbishop?