When several priests concelebrate Mass, only one Mass is celebrated."

What are Side-Chapels for?

Our Lady of Sorrows, appearing to gesticulate in horror at the sculpture deposited in her chapel. The famous Jesuit Church, the Immaculate Conception…
FSSPX on Francis' Abu-Dhabi heresy, It's "a theory — foreign to both the Tradition of the Church and Divine Revelation"

Cardinal Müller Throws a Metaphorical Stone into Pope Francis’ Backyard | FSSPX.Actualités

Communion for the divorced and “remarried”, the eternity of hell, women priests, priestly celibacy, religious pluralism: Cardinal Ludwig Müller …
Rather familiar and disappointing distraction commentary on very important manifesto content. Surprised the FSSPX news engaged with the issue at … Mehr

Une nouvelle église pour la Fraternité Saint-Pie X aux Etats-Unis | FSSPX.Actualités

Le District des Etats-Unis de la Fraternité Saint-Pie X compte une nouvelle et vaste église à Dickinson, dans l’Etat du Dakota du Nord. Fruit de l’…
Jean de Roquefort
« [...] Priez aussi pour le Saint Père François et le Saint Père Benoît XVI, votre Pape émérite, c'est très important et pour tous Mes consacrés. … Mehr
Nouvelle chapelle pour se confesser et se marier comme des ralliés.

Beim Auftakt zum Flüchtlingsgespräch sorgt AKK mit Versprecher für Gelächter

Dauer: 01:36 vor 1 Std. CDU-Chefin Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer ist mit einem sprachlichen Lapsus ins "Werkstattgespräch" ihrer Partei zu den Themen …
This statement by Pope Francis is thus a clear, public repudiation of the Catholic faith. It follows a series of other more or less clear and public repudiations of this kind. Enough has been said … Mehr

Guest Article: "Francis and the Joint Declaration on Human Fraternity: A Public Repudiation of the …

Dr. John Lamont On February 4th 2019, Pope Francis and Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque, signed a ' Document on Human Fraternity…
Jesus is coming soon
Mother of Salvation: Do not accept tolerance for pagans to take over the churches of God Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 My child, you must never listen … Mehr
Maybe we should investigate and understand a bit the fight that Fnarcis thinks he is fighting here. It is such a political fight and also it is too … Mehr

Kardinal Müller veröffentlicht Glaubensmanifest: Euer Herz lasse sich nicht verwirren

Kardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller veröffentlichte heute in mehreren Sprachen ein Manifest des Glaubens. Text von Gerhard Kardinal Müller. Angesichts sich ausbreitender Verwirrung in der Lehre des Glaube…
Darf und kann man einen Petrus vertrauen, der Christus 3 x verleugnete? Und trotzdem macht ihn Christus zum Papst, ohne eine öffentliche Lossagung … Mehr
"Jesus Christus hat die Kirche als sichtbares Zeichen und Werkzeug des Heils gegründet, die in der katholischen Kirche verwirklicht ist".Damit zeigt… Mehr
Two students raised over $4,000 to build a chapel and Marian shrine for a local school. They designed it and oversaw the construction themselves

Why these high school students built a chapel and Marian shrine at a local school

When two Michigan high school students were planning for a community service project, they decided they wanted to help younger children learn to …

Als Petrus der Hl. Agathie die Marterwunden heilte

Im Dom der sizilianischen Stadt Catania, genannt nach seiner Patronin Agatha (Duomo S. Agata), steht ein kostbarer Schrein aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, der die Reliquien der volkstümlichen Heiligen …
Die Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X macht das! So wie es sich in der katholischen Kirche gehört.
Gestern brachte mir mein polnischer Seelsorger einige mit.
Why on earth didn't the Episcopal diocese remove the sacred art and objects from this church before it became expensive apartments? (Here is more backround www.dnainfo.com/…/church-of-the-a…)

2900 W Logan Blvd # 203, Chicago, IL 60647 | Zillow

For rent: $4,000. MUST SEE! 115 Year old Church Conversion! Smack dab in the middle of Logan Square (2900 W Logan BLVD) At the heart of this communit…
'The Gloria of the Mass set to a Polka beat or in the style of rock music is not sacred music,' Archbishop Sample said

Traditional chant should enjoy ‘pride of place’ in the Mass, archbishop says | Catholic Herald

Sacred music has a special role in the Catholic liturgy, and Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland in Oregon has written a pastoral letter reflecti…
What a simple, excellent point. People may "want" that music, but the people who do are simply not wanting the sacred. Take it somewhere else. So … Mehr

Pastoral Letter on Church Music - Following Sacrosanctum Concilium

24 Seiten
New document put out by His Excellency Archbishop Sample of Portland instructs parishes within the diocese to begin doing, among other things, the following: • chant the ordinary • chant the propers … Mehr

Always remember how Italy was made a "nation state"

"...During the Roman revolution [of 1848], the Pope’s personal prelate was shot by revolutionaries whilst walking in the gallery of the papal Palazzo. The Palazzo was surrounded by fanatical …
Thanks be to God! Great post. Blessed Pope Pius IX please pray for us, as Rome is once again under siege. Mehr
"The Pope is effectively ruling that traditionalists can freely celebrate the old rite liturgies, but they cannot reject Vatican II"

Pope abolishes the pontifical commission Ecclesia Dei

Pope Francis has abolished Ecclesia Dei, a pontifical body responsible for relations with traditionalist Catholics, transferring its responsibilities…
Jim Dorchak
Yes but I do not want to accept VII and the Pope can not make us do so. ;)
So nothing has changed, yet. This most likely lead to something worse.
An informed Vatican source told the Register that the motu proprio is “essentially” a good development towards helping the SSPX return to full communion. But he added that primarily it “represents a … Mehr

Pope Francis Suppresses Ecclesia Dei, Transfers Duties to CDF

The Vatican says the decision has been taken because ‘conditions and circumstances change,’ but that dialogue towards regularization ...
Who would ever want full communion with apostate Rome?
There is something momentarily uncomfortable about pronouncing exorcisms over a little child, until one begins to process the logic of why it is necessary. I am sure there is something uncomfortable … Mehr

My first time celebrating a baptism in the Extraordinary Form | Catholic Herald

I have celebrated a baptism in the Extraordinary Form for the first time. I mention this not as the opening salvo in some campaign, rather to …
Lisi Sterndorfer
Die Gemeinschaft des Heiligen Kreuzes von Riaumont hat ihre Wurzeln in der Pfadfinderbewegung und wurde von Benediktineroblaten der Abtei Fontgombault gegründet.

Traditionalisten wegen Missbrauchsverdachts verhaftet

Ehemalige Internatsschüler erheben Vorwürfe Seit Jahren ist die traditionalistische Gemeinschaft im Norden Frankreichs unter Beobachtung der Justiz.…
Kann mir vorstellen, dass dieser Horror bei Konservativen wie auch bei den sog. Fortschrittlichen gewesen ist. Und dass BEIDE die Täter bzw. Täterinn… Mehr

Remembering Robert Spaemann | Martin Mosebach

Spaemann’s whole aim was to penetrate the veil of appearance and reach the objective wall of reality—even if in the end he could not scale it.
la réception de notre demande par les autorités religieuse fut, elle, tout à fait difficile. Le premier que je sollicitai fut naturellement un curé de la paroisse que je fréquentais à l’époque : c’… Mehr


Notre lettre 677
Il n'y a pas de messe "extraordinaire", voilà l'escroquerie, il y a la Sainte Messe, jamais abrogée, et la synaxe montinienne de la nouvelle religion… Mehr
Remarkable view on origins of Papal Infallibility, As Franciscans handed assets to the Pope so they could live in poverty, they didn't want a future Pope to deprive them of their rights & so argued … Mehr

The pope is never wrong: a history of papal infallibility in the Catholic Church - Connecting …

Why is the pope 'never wrong'? Rebecca Rist provides a history of papal infallibility, from the early and medieval Catholic Church and papacy to …
From this article, "The idea of papal infallibility arises in the thirteenth century in the context of increasing Franciscan influence at the papal … Mehr