Big Whore Funeral in New York: Is Cardinal Dolan a Man?

During the funeral of "Cecilia" Gentili, 52 - a homosexual, drug addict and atheist born in Argentina in 1972 - the deceased was celebrated as "puta, grand puta" (whore, big whore) and "madre de todas las putas" (mother of all whores). He was also depicted as a haloed "blessed mother".

The shaky Reverend Edward Dougherty, who presided over the scandal, began by joking: "Except on Easter Sunday we don't get a crowd, that is this well turned out." Then he began to laugh. The crowd responded to his words with cheers and applause, like in a football stadium. This circus was repeated every time a transvestite came up to speak.

Reverend Andy King, the master of ceremonies, could be heard whispering to Dougherty that there would be no Eucharist, just a funeral service.

During a sobbing eulogy by Gentili's concubine ("we called each other 'my baby'"), two men could be seen kissing each other on the lips, directly behind him. More such scenes followed later.

After Dougherty's canonisation sermon followed some intercessions. A friend of Gentili's (the only woman who was allowed to talk into the microphone) took the podium to pray from a mobile phone for access to 'gender-affirming' health care, etc.

Towards the end of the service, the cantor sang Schubert's Ave Maria, prompting a frenzied transvestite to dance frantically around the coffin and down the aisle.

Then Reverend Dougherty, speaking of "our sister Cecilia", invited the crowd to recite the Lord's Prayer. Suddenly the stadium atmosphere was over. Dougherty and his master of ceremonies were left to say the Lord's Prayer all by themselves.

According to the funeral organisers, Gentili is the first transvestite to be given a "funeral service" at St Patrick's Cathedral.

One question remained unanswered: Why did New York Cardinal Dolan allow this parody to take place and, assuming he is a man, how will he take responsibility for it?



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