Francis and Opus Dei: Dishonesty and Cowardice Do Not Pay Off

Hours after Bergoglio's election, Caminante-Wanderer (July 25) spoke to an Opus Dei friend who spared no epithet to describe the man “we Argentines knew so well.”

After three days, however, the fury had subsided, and two weeks later, he and his fellow residents were the happiest people on earth to have an Argentine pope because Father Mariano Fazio, then Opus Dei regional vicar for Argentina, had ordered: nothing but praise and flowers for the one they had loathed until a moment ago.

Now, Fazio is the Opus Dei’s second man in Rome. “The naive thought that with Fazio in Rome, an Argentinian close to the Argentine pontiff, would minimise the dangers,” but “last week they received Francis’ answer.”

Caminante is disgusted by the “disgraceful obsequiousness and stupidity” of Opus Dei Superior Fernando Ocariz whom Caminante sarcastically calls “a person of great ideals and unwavering courage.”

Ocariz even thanked Francis for the decapitation of the Opus Dei. Specola believes that Francis could appoint the Jesuit Cardinal Ghirlanda, another apparatchik, as “Cardinal Protector” of the Opus Dei.

“It would not surprise me if Ocariz offered to personally wash his socks,” Caminate quips.

Picture: Mariano Fazio, © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsWkdfyvevgd

How sad that "the heart and the brain of the Conciliar Church" (at the Wojtylian stage of the revolutionary put'), as late Fr. Hesse used to say, is sinking. Just kidding.
John A Cassani
It really is sad. Ocariz is a pretty good theologian, but obviously doesn’t have the courage to be a force for good in his position.
Brendan Davies
If Ocariz were a 'good theologian', he wouldn't be in Opus Dei
Hound of Heaven
You reap what you sow.