Is Pope Francis the Father of Italy’s Abominable Euthanasia Law?

According to La Bussola Quotidiana, the Italian euthanasia law, adopted on December 14, is the most permissive in the world.

It introduces a right to die and to kill, and obliges the doctor to participate in the killings. Parents and legal representatives are allowed to decide over the fate of their children and those unable to decide like elderly people. A patient can use any reason to invoke a “right to die”.

Sandro Magister writes on December 21 that from Pope Francis “there has come not a single word of criticism.” L’Osservatore Romano covered the approval of the law according to Magister “with a few aseptic, purely descriptive lines. And then nothing else.”

Some secular supporters of the law attributed its success to Pope Francis’ message addressed in mid-November to participants at the Vatican for a conference of the World Medical Association on the theme “End-of-life questions.”

The Vatican approved La Civiltà Cattolica reissued this speech on the day the law was approved, reinforcing as a result the idea that the law had received the go-ahead from this very speech by Francis.

Picture: © wikicommons, CC BY, #newsMereanpxvq