Nicaragua: PiusX Collaborates with Bishop and His Diocese

The Fraternity of Saint Pius X collaborates with a Nicaragua bishop, Father Stefan Frey, the Austrian District Superior, said during a lecture in Hohenfurth, Bohemia (July 2).

According to the "Amigos de la Fraternidad Sacerdotal San Pío X - Nicaragua," PiusX priests celebrate Mass in a parish in Estelí where the Salesian Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara, 74, is the bishop.

The bishop says of himself that he used to be a communist and liberation theologian until he met Catholic priests at a Fatima Congress which led to his conversion.

The priests put him in contact with PiusX whose priests the bishop allowed to preach missions and even retreats for his clergy. Some of them have since begun celebrating the Original Latin Mass.

Until the end of his term, the bishop wishes to restore his diocese to Catholicism. The Council Catholics in Nicaragua run in droves to the Protestants. The official number of nominal Catholics is down to 47%.

The PiusX priests proposed to combat apostasy by promoting Our Lady. They distributed Marian leaflets, especially to former Catholics. After such a campaign, a priest reported: "It worked; practically all have returned."

The bishop told the PiusX priests that at the meetings of the Bishops' Conference the question of lapsing Catholics is a recurring topic. He his the only one who can say: "No one has fallen away. On the contrary, people are coming back."


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