Oligarchs Point Their Gun at Another Solid Catholic Group

The oligarchs’ media launched an attack against the Italian cultural association Logos e Persona headed by Father Salvatore Vitiello.

They labeled the Novus Ordo group, based in Turin, as “traditionalist” because it promotes Catholicism especially among students.

A foggy article full of innuendos by the anti-Catholic (August 10) accused the group of “forced vocations” although it only directs young people to already existing seminaries and monasteries.

Four girls who through the group entered the excellent Benedictine monastery in Rosano, Tuscany, “where everything is strictly done in Latin” especially bothers

The article also laments about an “aversion” of Logos e Persona against the decadent Turin Archdiocese, because it is directing candidates not to the local seminary but to the excellent theological school of the Dominicans in Bologna which has an international reputation.

Picture: Salvatore Vitiello, #newsGkpfrgihvq