German Born Peru Bishop Retracts on “Phone Confession”

Caravelí Bishop Reinhold Nann, Peru, annulled a March 15 “permission” to confess over the phone during the coronavirus crises.

Already in 2002, the Pontifical Council for Social Communication clarified in “The Church and Internet” that virtual reality is no substitute for the real human presence which is necessary to receive a sacrament.

Seemingly, Nann was not aware of this, and needed the Vatican Apostolic Penitenciary to illuminate him.

Nann made headlines in February when he insulted Archbishop Georg Gänswein

Picture: Reinhold Nann, #newsAjxjtkjvrv

comfort ye
Please to keep your nonsense contained to Germany and not infect the normal Peruvian people.
Novella Nurney
Who would have thunk it? He did not know? Most 6 year olds that are properly catechized understand a certain type of physical presence is necessary to confer a sacrament. Imagine the hundreds ( likely more) of people he has taught manifest error to.