Francis Interview: “Remember to Buy a Little Dog”

Francis mentioned during his interview an old lady he met in the Buenos Aires slum on the day John Paul II died.

Bergoglio was in a bus on his way to say Mass in a favela when he heard the news.

At the end of Mass, a poor woman approached him asking for information on how a new pope is elected, “I told her about the white smoke, the cardinals, the conclave.”

She interrupted me and said, “Listen, Bergoglio, when you become pope, first remember to buy a small dog.”

I answered her that I would hardly be elected, and if so “why should I buy a dog.”

"Because every time you find yourself eating” – she answered – “give a little piece to him first, if he is ok, then go on eating".

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWykkvmodxt
Francis, “Perhaps after this difficult trial, with these new challenges, with pain entering people’s homes, the faithful will be more true, more authentic. Believe me, it will be so.”