Abuse Hoax Again: “Cover-Up” Accusations Were FALSE

The commission chaired by former Genoa Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco which investigated alleged “cover-ups” of which former Krakow Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz was accused, has finished its work.

According to, the commission which was in Poland from 17-26 June, found no negligence or cover-up of homosexual abuse of minors on the part of Dziwisz. During his tenure (2005-2016) seven such cases were recorded. All of them were reported to the Holy See.

Under the pretext of "sexual abuses", the oligarch media in Poland presently promote a gigantic campaign aimed at discrediting the Church.

Picture: Stanisław Dziwisz © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-ND, #newsEoqzebaxsv

That furtive scratching sound you hear are all the media rats scurrying back in their holes now that this isn't "news-worthy".