Sister Gloria Has Given A Sign of Life

Sister Gloria Narváez Argoti, 57, who is held hostage by Islamic terrorist in Mali, has sent a letter through the Red Cross to her brother Edgar.

The 11-line note is handwritten in Spanish, in capital letters with a blue biro on February 3. It reached the family in May.

"I send my warmest regards to all. May the good Lord bless you all and grant everybody health. I have been a prisoner for four years, and now I am with a new group," the note reads, “May you all pray a lot for me. May God bless you all. I hope that God will help me find my freedom. Your loving sister, Gloria."

Sister Gloria identifies her kidnappers as the Tuareg Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims (JNIM). Its aim is to drive French and UN troops out of Mali. Since Sister Gloria is a nurse, the criminals may need her to care for sick AlQaeda members.