Two Capucines Set Fire To 5G Tower

Two Capuchins, 39 and 40, belonging to the PiusX Capuchins of Villié-Morgon, France, admitted to setting fire to a telephone pylon on the night of 14/15 September in Saint-Forgeux, near Lyon.

The damage was limited. The following night, they were arrested red-handed while attempting to neutralise a second antenna in Ancy.

A spokeswoman for the Capucines explained that this was "an isolated act and a youthful mistake" adding that “the waves are very harmful to health," and that "the two wanted to act for the well-being of humanity."

Had they belonged to some regime environmental association, the oligarchs’ media would celebrate them as heroes.


Remember when modern 'nuns' & priests would break into govt. facilities and pound nuclear missile silos with hammers? Probably some of them are up for canonization by the Vatican.
John A Cassani
I’m surprised the aprropriately named Roy Bourgeois hasn’t been rehabilitated by the regime by now. However, we have a long way to go before we could possibly justify non-peaceful means of resistance.
They were probably wearing masks when they did the deed!