What Francis’ Victim Really Said, And What He Replied

Contradicting other media reports, Cosima Charlton brought out on Twitter what the Chinese woman, beaten by Francis, said.

Charlton was a crown prosecutor for twenty years. Examining footage evidence was part of her job.

The Chinese woman said: "I just want to say, I just saw in the holiday, Hong Kong is already finished. Have a good break" (video below).

Francis' slapping the woman wasn't necessary to free himself from her grip as a security man already had his hand on the woman's arm, Charlton notices. Francis also doesn't attempt to pull away his hand.

Charlton hears Francis saying "eh," then possibly the word "bruja" (Spanish: "witch," "bitch") but not from Francis but from a different man further away, perhaps a security man.

What Francis said while slapping the woman is, “Ay, las manos” (Spanish: “Oh, the hands”).


la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio after he slapped the woman also yelled at her, what is needed is to interview the woman so stop inventions Cosima Charlton.
WHAT SHE REALLY SAID ES.NEWS? "Don´t Betray" _ be serious_ this is NOT a joke
She doesn't say don't betray. At the beginning and at the end she says "Your Grace." A title for the Pope.
doesn t say your grace , every body hears dont betray ...how can be that in the whole world not even 1 person can translate this video correctly?
She finally said: don't betray
And she crossed herself before taking her hand. She took his hand because she saw that he didn't want to talk to her.
Thors Catholic Hammer
Like a possessed demon bergoglio was deliberately avoiding any contact with the woman.Her sign of the cross was seen by him and after she did that he deliberately sought to avoid her.
Bergoglio is neither a catholic or a validly elected pope.