Francis’ Foolish Phone Apostolate Causes Havoc

Sergio Decuyper, 42, an Argentinean homosexual who is married in Spain, accuses Francis of “cover-up” (Clarí, September 23).

His fisherman’s story: Father José Francisco Decuyper, 85, his uncle, “abused” him in his grandparents’ bathroom in Paraná when he was 5 (!). Father Decuyper suffers from Alzheimers and cannot defend himself.

Francis was foolish enough to speak several times with the accuser on the phone and in person.

The result: Decuyper now accuses him of “cover-up” and “denial.” In an open letter, he asks Francis “to be creative” and to go with him on a trip to Paraná (!).

Decuyper’s wife with whom he has children, discovered that her husband has a “deep trauma.” Now, he calls himself a “homosexual.”

As a “proof” for his “abuse,” Decuyper cites a recurring dream in which he is "5 years old” and which keeps ending at a bathroom door. Only in January 2019 his “memory” was allegedly “recovered.”

He wrote to Francis who naively called him for half an hour on 17 March 2019. Francis said that he “believed” him, that this was “something very common,” that he had to undergo therapy, and shouldn't tell anybody.

After this, Francis received Decuyper on 4 May 2019 for half an hour, telling him not to talk to journalists because they were "hypocrites." When Decuyper presented himself as a “homosexual”, Francis told him that his "mission was marriage and that he had to stay married."

Decuyper saw Francis a second time at the September 9 Wednesday Audience when Francis confused him with another accuser from Paraná.