German Supermarket Chain Cancels Cross

The German supermarket chain Lidl reproduced the famous Anastasis Church of Santorini, Greece, on the packaging of its new Greek food range while, at the same time, airbrushing the crosses from the world-renowned blue dome roof.

Lidl explained in various countries that this happened in order to respect "diversity", a claim that pretends to include different types of people, groups or organisations but in reality seems to exclude Christianity.

Only Lidl in Austria apologised for what it called a “failure”.

Cardinal Dominik Duka of Prague, Czech Republic, called this on Monday in an open letter to the Greek embassy a “cultureless and barbaric action”. Duka fears that the next step is that crosses will also be eliminated from real churches.

the symbol of the cross is offensive to these people so they will go to any length not to even see it.
They could do with pork sausages though..nevermind the alcohol...only crosses are offensive for zionist.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Won't be shopping there again! hit them where it hurts, in their pocket!