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3 Report Vindicated: Reports About Dying Priest Donating Ventilator A Fake

Reports that coronavirus victim, Father Giuseppe Berardelli, 72, donated his respirator to a younger patient, are not true.

The story was immediately questioned on by the English doctor Jeffrey Brushwood.

A speaker for Bergamo diocese, Father Giulio Dellavite, told that “there was no donated ventilator” and “there haven't been any respirators coming from outside the hospital.”

The story was made up by and went viral on March 23.


Wait, I thought it was that he had given up a respirator the hospital was going to put him on, in order that someone younger would be able to live. I'm sorry I can't find the original article.
The thing about fake news is that once it goes viral that's what people will remember. People rarely hear the true story once found out. It ends up causing more confusion because now there are two stories.
mr. producer
That's exactly what happened to the Astros and the fake buzzer accusations on twitter. Now the sports world is trying to destroy Jose Altuve, a good man.