Symbolic: Apostolic Palace Is Putrid

Some stuccoes in the Vatican's Sala Regia have fallen from the ceiling onto the marble floor, (January 17) reported.

Restorers have found that the falling was caused by persistent humidity. After heavy rains, the water stagnated in the building's ceiling because the drains on the roof were not cleaned.

This caused the centuries old oak trusses which support the roof, to deteriorate. Moisture permeated inside them and penetrated into the rooms below. There is a real danger that the beams may collapse, thus fixing the problem is urgent.

The Sala Regia was completed in 1573. It is a state hall in the Apostolic Palace and an antechamber to the Sistine Chapel. The hall was originally used for the reception of princes and royal ambassadors, hence its name.

Picture: Sala Regia © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsUmulhpnswo

I hope they can fix it.
Actually A Catholic
So Bergoglio hasn't been taking care of basic maintenance of Church treasures.

There's a surprise.