“Lady Becciu”: Vatican Has Capitulated

The Vatican no longer asks for Cecilia Marogna's extradition and has granted her bail, although the Vatican was never able to get hold of her.

Marogna was detained on October 13 in Milan on an international arrest warrant issued by the Vatican. Later, an appeal court declared the arrest illegal.

The Vatican accuses Marogna of having embezzled 500’000 Euro from the Secretary of State. From the beginning, it was clear that there was no legal basis for Marogna’s extradition.


"I can tell you that Becciu and I weren’t the only ones running certain businesses,” Cecilia Marogna said in an October interview. I wonder who else we could see in court?
The Vatican says that Cecilia Marogna faces an imminent trial “for alleged embezzlement committed in conjunction with others.”
Cuthbert Mayne
At the Vatican they only try to grab men