Priest Murdered: “Young Men Are Afraid to Become Priests”

Father John Gbakaan, parish priest of the Saint Anthony Church in Gulu, Nigeria, was murdered on January 15.

The priest had visited his mother together with his brother. On their way back, they were abducted by armed men at 9 p.m. The criminals asked Minna diocese for US$75.000 which they later reduced to US$13.000.

However, in the meantime, the priest's body was found near the site of the kidnapping. He was hacked to death with a machete to the point that identification of the corpse was difficult. His Toyota Venza was located in the bush. There is still no news of his brother.

Rev. John Hayab (Christian Association of Nigeria) said according to (January 18) that today in Northern [= Islamic] Nigeria many are living in fear, and many young people are afraid to become pastors because pastors’ lives are "in great danger."

Islamic "interfaith ecumenism" when they don't have to pander to European sensibilities