Cecilia Marogna: “I Lover of the Cardinal? Absurd!”

Cecilia Marogna, 39, from Cagliari, Sardinia, explained to Corriere.it (October 6) that she received EUR500’000 over four years from then-sostituto Angelo Becciu for her services.

The sum included her salary, trips, and consultations. Marogna calls herself a “political analyst” and an “intelligence expert” who “lives in a rented apartment and raises her daughter,” but was not a “lover” of Becciu.

She met Becciu in 2015 after she had sent him an email about “safety issues in the Nunciatures.”

Becciu told her, “It seems strange to me that a young woman like you is interested in this.” Nevertheless, an “operational collaboration” started between the two.

“There was a lack of a parallel diplomacy in North African and Middle Eastern countries, but I knew what to do and how to move, also to reduce the dangers posed to the Nunciatures by terrorist cells in those countries," Marogna explained.

She was seemingly known in Rome as a “niece of the cardinal” but Becciu told LaVerita.info, "I can only say that the lady is not a relative of mine.”

According to LaVerita.info, Marogna is a member of the Movimento Roosevelt whose president, Gioele Magaldi, is the “Grand Master of the Democratic Grand Orient.”

Picture: © Mazur, CatholicNews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsJmtzuvdcew

Here she is (a woman is actually good news)
Hugh N. Cry
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I cannot believe Francis would have a normal man near him. I do recall seeing some Cardinal recording women acrobats on his mobile phone, but that lad was fat. Becciu is fat with stolen money, but not evidently physically fat.