Spanish Masons: Francis Embraces Masonic Principles

In Fratelli Tutti, Francis embraces the "Universal Fraternity," the great principle of Freemasonry, writes the Gran Logia de España on

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the Gran Logia de España, the biggest Masonic sect in Spain, participated in the bloody persecution of the Church.

The Logia explains that the foundation of Masonry is the construction of a "universal fraternity" where human beings call each other "brothers" beyond their specific creeds, ideologies, culture or nationality.

It adds that this "fraternal dream" clashed with the "religious fundamentalism" that, in the case of the Catholic Church, led to harsh texts condemning the "tolerance of Freemasonry" in the 19th century. The main feature of the Masonic "tolerance" was and is their hatred against the Church.

Now, the Masons stress that they have remained the same while the Francis Church has changed, “The last encyclical of Pope Francis shows how far the current Catholic Church is from its former positions.”

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsWjoqbvnceb

Let no one say Francis wasn’t clear enough about his advocacy of Masonic ideas
comfort ye
All of that without "CARITAS?" No supernatural virtues needed here - no grace, no Jesus
F M Shyanguya
@mccallansteve With Fratelli tutti, there ought not be a shadow of a doubt. He speaks like a dragon. Cf A Devotee of the Ancient Mystery Religions, Pope Francis is an Idolater and a Pagan
I don't know if Francis is a Freemason but he sure acts like one.
There's a simple reason for that. Francis is a Marxist and, like Freemasons, Marxists are globalists. However, being a Marxist does automatically prove being a Freemason.
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Here again
F M Shyanguya
As I have been posting ...

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PS A snake can’t hide its head forever.


“the current Catholic Church is from its former positions.”

For Pope Francis and fellow Apostates. The Catholic Church, the Body and Bride of Christ remains unprevailed upon. Cf Why they have shuttered our Churches they have seized but not destroyed them
F M Shyanguya
Thank you GTV, now trending! God bless you all and yours and his work at your hands. Light at the end of the tunnel [that’s not an oncoming train!]. This is the homestretch. A beautiful world is dawning.