Sodomia supplicans: A New Development in Papal Insults

Francis returns to defend the indefensible "Sodomia supplicans" with another interview. "What laziness, what immense laziness", writes Specola (, 8 February).

Specola points out that there is a whole encyclopaedia with very solid arguments against Sodomia suplicans. Lazy Francis simply ignores them and replies with "pontifical insults".

First Francis' opponents were an "ideological group", now he calls them "hypocrites".

Specola replies: "Well, thank you very much, Your Holiness, for what we get, if it is so, we are 'proud hypocrites'".

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsAppvddbtvm

Louis IX
That’s an almost 7 year old picture of him.
Yes. He’s three times as fat nowadays. Bergoglio-Zanchetta-Rupnik-Pachamama-FriarTuck. 🫤
Looks to me like he is running scared.