Paris Archbishop Dissolves Aggressive Leftwing De Facto Parish

Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit has finally decided to close down the scandalous Centre pastoral Saint-Merry which was based in Saint-Merry church in downtown Paris.

The centre began 1975 under the anti-Catholic Paris Cardinal François Marty (+1994). It regularly hosted art exhibitions, concerts and theaters in the church, engaged in liturgical abuses, propagated homosex-, divorce- and mass immigration ideology, and aligned with the Macron regime.

The community advertised itself as "an open Church," to wit, “open” to anything but the truth and the Catholic faith.

An attempt to reform the centre through the appointment of Father Alexander Denis as the new parish-priest failed.

According to Archbishop Aupetit, Denis was met with “unjust and offensive criticism” and “violent attacks” and had to leave his assignment in January.

Picture: Saint Merry - Centre Pastoral, #newsAjwwutmdpm