Islam is also in the Clutches of Secularism

The Islamic world is more and more secularized, the French political scientist Olivier Roy told (August 21),

“Not all Muslims are believers, just as not all Europeans are Christians.”

According to Roy there is an increasing cleavage between Islamic faith and the surrounding culture that is more and more secularized. Roy sees this especially in the countries of the Maghreb.

In Tunisia, a movement in the middle and upper classes of society demands a French-style secularism with a separation between religion and state.

Roy also notices that a more liberal and secularized Islam is developing in France, Great Britain and Germany.

[If Islam will follow this path, it will go down the same drain as the Novus-Ordo-Church.]

Picture: © Arian Zwegers, CC BY, #newsMqgjnxprhp
False reassuring news. Even in the photo shown, true believers still wear their hijabs. That's the face of future Europe in one image.
If there is a failing away from the one true faith, we can be assured a man made one will wither away and die out!
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I see the parallels, but islam is satanic. It takes souls to hell. I hope it leads to them leaving that evil cult and converting.
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