Coronavirus: Mosque Converted into Factory (Video)

Iranian women volunteered to make face masks and other protective items at the Imamzadeh-Masum mosque in a southwestern district of Tehran, because of the coronavirus crisis.

The women normally accompany visitors to the battlefields of the Iran-Iraq war, but now this is not possible because of a travel ban between cities.

Lined up like factory workers, around 15 women produce face masks in front of table-top sewing machines.

In another room of the mosque, men sit on prayer mats and make plastic gloves with rudimentary heat-sealing devices.

The products are distributed to hospitals and deprived areas in Tehran and other cities.

One of the volunteers made no secret of the religious reasons for her contribution. For her, it is the same as "making the heart of Imam Zaman happy." Zaman is another name for the Mahdi, the last of the twelve imams venerated by Shia Islam.

The coronavirus has claimed more than 3,800 lives in Iran, a country with a population of 83 million inhabitants.

The Second Comforter: Paraclete - Mahdi - Messiah

On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, I woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep anymore. When I was later reading the news, it turned out during my 'insomnia' that Iran bombed two US military bases in Iraq. This was the Persian response to the Americans' killing of their charismatic leader, General Qassam Soleimani, with his associates …More
The Second Comforter: Paraclete - Mahdi - Messiah

On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, I woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep anymore. When I was later reading the news, it turned out during my 'insomnia' that Iran bombed two US military bases in Iraq. This was the Persian response to the Americans' killing of their charismatic leader, General Qassam Soleimani, with his associates on a diplomatic mission. Diplomatic? Exactly. Since the Saudis, having learned the value of their army in the Yemeni War, understood that it was better to get along with Iran than to fight it, they began peace negotiations through the government of Iraq. The success of these talks, however, would thwart the efforts of the USA & Israel duo (USI) to keep the countries around Israel in a state of permanent chaos in accordance with the 'divide and rule' principle, preventing them from full emancipation. Diplomatic contacts could not be kept secret: Israeli intelligence obtained information on General Soleimani's journey from Damascus to Baghdad, exposing him to a direct attack. USI forces killed him on January 3 using 4 rockets fired from an USAF drone. This shameful feat brought brief satisfaction to Trump and his advisers, but after the Iranian rocket attack mentioned at the beginning, the surgical precision scarred at them: they probably realized that they were dealing with a proud nation that could also produce technologically advanced weapons and skillfully use it.
The Americans hit accurately, but at the same time fatally: the death of General Soleimani consolidated the Iranians even more, strengthening their determination to defend their sovereignty against the attempts of the USI empire with its European satellites.
From a spiritual perspective, the explosions in Iraq fit into the sequence of eschatological events: all matters under the Sun are in the palm of the Lord of history, Almighty God.
When on Wednesday morning (Jan. 8) I was traveling by suburban train to the West Station, on the display in the car, in addition to the date, time, route, the names of the patrons of the day appeared: Mstislav, Severinus and Theophilus. Let's take a look at them in turn.
For every Slav, the name Mstislav has an obvious meaning, but for non-Slavs it must be translated: 'Famous Avenger'. Although we will not find Saint Mstislav in the calendar, we will find Him in the Bible in the person of God himself, as well as on the map of Belarus near the border with Russia. This Mstislav obtained city rights and the coat of arms from King Vladislav IV Vasa in 1634 and was the capital of the former province in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The idea of the coat of arms probably came from the wars of the Commonwealth against Moscow at the time, but it also has a universal dimension: God Himself punishes those who, like wolves, break into an inclosure and tear apart sheep - by default, the sheep of Christ's flock.
Saint Severinus (of Noricum), another patron of the day, abandoned the comforts of Roman aristocracy to live the life of a hermit and a wandering preacher first in Egypt and then in Europe around today's Vienna. He prophesied for the destruction of this land by the Huns. Severinus (= 'Stern') was severe to himself, but generous to his fellow men: he organized shelter and teaching for the people dispersed as a result of Attily's invasion, by Christians called 'the Whip of God' (Latin 'Flagellum Dei'). The Holy Preacher witnessed the fall of the Western Roman Empire (476A.D.) and dying (Jan. 8, 482A.D.) he recited Psalm 150 - "Let all spirit praise God."
Saint Theophilus the Martyr, African deacon burnt in a furnace in Libya. This Friend of God (= Theophilus) merged with the fire and rose to the heavens like the smoke of an incense sacrifice.
From a Christian perspective on this January day [Jan. 8, 2020], the Avenger 'Whip of God' Guardian of the Poor Friend of God arose and went west. The West here means a conglomerate of countries formed on the soil of Christianitas, however, due to apostasy from the true Catholic faith and intentional violation of God's elementary laws they work for the prince of this world, Satan. Because of the scale and global range of the apostasy, Almighty God sends the Avenger to cleanse the earth of Satan's supporters, and the Father of the Poor to renew everything. The Avenger and Renewer are one and the same person, the Paraclete, or Peter the Roman from Saint Malachi's prophecy.
From an Islamic perspective, January 8, 2020 is the beginning of the 'Operation Soleimani the Martyr', which by no means boils down to avenging this national hero of Iranians. After a century of humiliation under the dominance of English and Americans (after World War II), Iran rose from its knees thanks to such brave people as General Qassam Soleimani. Despite being stuck in the long-standing error of Arianism, it seems that the Persians respect natural law and some elements of Christian doctrine. Shiism that prevails in their country, in particular, cultivates faith in the coming of the Mahdi. This character has all the qualities of the second Comforter in Christianity: he comes in hand with Jesus Christ, lives in secret, defeats Antichrist, eradicates evil and restores justice in the world, prepares humanity for the Last Judgment. The title Mahdi, or "the Guided One", due to the passive form used here would be completely odd in relation to the person whom God entrusted with the tasks of a universal leader, were it not for the Lord Jesus' words [John 16, 12-15]: "I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth. For he shall not speak of himself; but what things soever he shall hear, he shall speak; and the things that are to come, he shall shew you. He shall glorify me; because he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it to you. All things whatsoever the Father hath, are mine. Therefore I said, that he shall receive of mine, and shew it to you." Yes, the Paraclete, as one of the converted prodigal sons of our Mother Holy Church, needs the guidance of God the Holy Spirit to fulfill his role of the Avenger and Renewer. The Paraclete is not the Holy Spirit but someone full of the Holy Spirit - this is a colossal difference. The title of Mahdi perfectly reflects this need to be guided from above.
General Qassam Soleimani (Qassam Solomon = 'The One who gives Peace') was killed on Friday a holiday for Islam. The very next day, January 4, Iranians in the holy city of Qom placed a purple banner on the dome of the Jamkaran mosque dedicated to Mahdi, to summon Muslims to avenge the innocent blood. Apparently it happened for the first time in the thousand-year history of this place of worship. During the solemn ceremony, a prayer was raised: "O Allah, speed up the revelation of your Guardian (= Mahdi)!" Both of these facts emphasize the uniqueness of the whole situation. Iranian Shiites, like many Christians, have probably understood that they are living in the reality of the end times, and that Almighty God will intervene to restore order in the world.
There is also another unique edifice in Qom: the Fatima Masumeh mosque dedicated to Fatima, the daughter of the Seventh and sister of the Eight Imam out of 12 Shia Imams. The sanctuary is one of the most important in all of Iran. Of the 20 million followers who visit the holy city of Qom every year, certainly everyone also worships Fatima. The name itself means 'the Restrained', while the nickname Masumeh – 'the Immaculate'. Combining the characters listed here, we get an unusual pair of Mahdi-Fatima Masumeh. When we consider that on January 3 this year, 76 years have passed since the day [Jan. 3, 1944] sister Lucy dos Santos, then living in Tuy, Galicia, described the visual part of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, we will find a direct link to the Blessed Virgin's apparitions in Portugal (and Spain) in the first half of the 20th century.
It is well known that the miraculous manifestations of the Divine Mother to three children in Fatima were preceded by apparitions of the Angel of Peace, but I do not know if anyone realized that the Miracle of the Sun [October 13, 1917], closing the sequence of appearances, announces the coming of the One who will be the Peace. However, contrary to the justified guesses, it will not be our Lord Jesus Christ, but one of the converted prodigal sons of our Mother Holy Church called to fulfill the special role of the other Comforter. In the Revelation to John, he appears under the enigmatic notion of the Son-Man of the Woman clothed with the Sun: he is the son of the Holy Church and also the consort of the Blessed Virgin. So a second pair appears here: the Paraclete-Immaculate Virgin (from Fatima), a real though mystical marriage as opposed to the hypothetical Mahdi-Fatima pair (from Qom) which is only a prefiguration.
Can He, identified with Peace, also be an avenger? Yes, it is contained in the comment* of the Most Holy Virgin to the vision described in the 3rd Secret.
The founding myth of the town of Fatima in Portugal - the conversion of a Muslim princess of this name, her baptism under the name Ourana and the marriage of a Catholic prince - contains the announcement of the conversion of Islam followers to the Catholic faith through a certain 'Restrained Immaculate'. However, the historically earlier founding myth of Lourdes, on the other side of the Pyrenees, announces the acceptance of the Catholic faith by the followers of Islam through a great convert, the Paraclete, whom in the besieged fortress [Lourdes] was represented by the brave Saracen Prince Lordus with a big fish in his hands - a symbol of our Mother Holy Church - and who was baptized by Saint Bishop Turpin (or Tilpin) in Le Puy.
Well-informed Christians are waiting for the Paraclete, Muslims for the Mahdi, and pious Jews still look for ... the Messiah. Although the Jews rejected Jesus Christ as their king, our Lord - in his infinite goodness towards the nation of the first election - will fulfill the prophecy of their high priests [John 19, 15]: "We have no king but Caesar". To justify their apostasy and to make them credible this prophecy, the Lord Jesus will give them, and not only them, a ruler in the person of the promised second Comforter. The Paraclete as the great ruler of the end times will also be the Roman emperor par excellence - exactly as the Jews wanted almost 20 centuries ago. Jesus' words to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta will also be fulfilled [an excerpt from „The Book of Haven”]:
„Now there will be an exchange: if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will. And this is so true, that just as I chose a Virgin from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I have chosen another virgin [i.e. Luisa] in a little town [i.e. Corato, Puglia] of Italy belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted. And since It must be known in Rome, just as My coming upon earth was known in Jerusalem, Rome will have the great honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great Gift received from her, which is Redemption, by making known to her the Kingdom of My Will.
Then will Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and will embrace the life of the religion that she gave to Rome; and, grateful, she will receive from Rome the life and the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Divine Will. And not only Jerusalem, but all the other nations will receive from Rome the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Fiat, the first criers of It, Its Gospel—all full of peace, of happiness and of restoration of the creation of man.”
The dilemma of Saint John the Baptist will also be definitely clarified [Matthew 11. 3]: "Are you the one who is to come or are we to expect another?" Indeed, the Paraclete is the other expected - the ruler of the Kingdom of God on earth, where he reigns with his Queen Consort, the Immaculate Virgin, who was once Mary.
Jews, Christians and Muslims, until now entwined in eternal mortal wrestling, will be reconciled by the revelation of the Lord of All Nations, because although for the former he is the Messiah, for the latter - the Paraclete, and for the third - the Mahdi it is about one and the same Person, the end-times great monarch. And then - according to the words** of the Most Holy Virgin to sister Lucy dos Santos in Tuy, Galicia [Jan. 3, 1944] - after cleansing the world of sin, there will be "'in the temporal [life]: one faith, one baptism, one Church, holy, catholic, apostolic. In eternity: Heaven!"

January 15, 2020, Feast of the Virgin of the Poor (Vierge des Pauvres), Banneux, Belgium and Saint Paul the First Hermit

*The 3rd Secret of Fatima, written down on April 1, 1944 in Tuy, Galicia, Spain.

** https: //