Traditionis Cultores: Why Francis “Could No Longer Wait”

Francis “has an uncanny ability to drive his own people away without attracting those who are not his own,” La Cigüeña De La Torre wrote on (July 18).

Thus, Francis achieved loneliness by emptying St. Peter's Square, the Vatican Basilica, and even the smaller square to which his empty General Audiences were transferred.

For La Cigüeña, Traditionis Custodes “is yet another absurd, gratuitous, offensive act - very much in Francis' usual line,” and an insult to Benedict XVI, including the painful spectacle of two Popes contradicting each other ten years apart and both still alive.

“That is the respect Francis said he had for Benedict!” La Cigüeña concludes, “I am not going to talk about education.” And: “The poet already said that elegance and coat of arms are not earned, they are inherited. Which was not the case with Bergoglio.”

La Cigüeña asks why Francis’ intemperance came now. His answer, “Some say, Francis was waiting for Benedict's death to overrule him until - with Gemelli hospital in between - he was told that he might leave first. So, he could no longer wait.”

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsVjuajyujtn

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