Cardinal Müller Believes Abu Dhabi Heresy is “Sensational"

Cardinal Müller praises Francis' blasphemous Abu Dhabi document in the German journal Communio as "sensational."

The document claims that "God" wills mutually contradictory religions.

Without stating what the document is, Müller says that it isn't an act of the papal teaching authority nor Francis' "private opinion." Nevertheless, it demands from Christians and Muslims a consent "which commits them in their conscience," Müller fabulates.

He denies the truism that the document relativises the faith of Christ, and uses the diversionary statement that neither Francis nor the Imam "gave up their own confession of faith, each of which is unique and contradictory in content on essential questions."

This makes it even worse: They gave up on thinking by presenting "God" as a demon entangled in contradictions.

Nevertheless, for Müller the document is "just as little rooted in relativism towards God's claim to truth as it points in the direction of a one-world-religion."

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsQuxkwtbaak

The way Germany is heading demographically, Cardinal Müller will soon find he's living in "Abu Dhabi". He won't find it sensational then, to be sure.