Gender Confusion: Australia Hijacks Girl From her Legitimate Parents

An Australian judge ordered police to abduct a gender-confused teenage girl from her legitimate parents who refuse her “transition into a boy."

The girl allegedly discussed suicide in online chatrooms, likely a stunt in order to put pressure on her parents.

The worried father told (November 28) that the state accuses him of "mental abuse" and will only return the girl if her parents agree to administer to her testosterone shots.

Picture: © American Life League, CC BY-NC, #newsWkauuoiues

Let's see if the court hijacks the parents' bank accounts to pay for this insanity as well. After all, why should the government take custody and then be expected to pay for what they wish to impose?
Cuthbert Mayne
Tranny tyranny
Alex A
I have long given up relying on the print media for news and seldom watch it on the digital media, so this disturbing news, vis; GloriaTV, leaves me very troubled that such governmental interference has become acceptable as a given in my country which claims to be democratic and family-friendly.