So what happened?

Talk about what's old is new again. No matter what is happening in the Church these days, much of it seems to go back to Vatican II — the 21st ecumenical council (held from 1962–1965) — supposedly to equip the Church to deal more effectively in evangelizing the modern world.

If that was the goal (and we say "if" at least as it relates to some council participants), the only thing that can be said is that the council was a total flop, failing spectacularly on every score. Post Vatican II, the Church is in full-blown retreat and in many cases has been subverted all over the West by the heresy of modernism.

Whether this can be pinned directly on Vatican II or simply the oft-mentioned "spirit of Vatican II" is still hotly debated. But we do know that you would have to search high and low to find a greater collapse of the Church — in such a short period of time — anywhere in history.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Pope Pius X warned of what he properly saw as an invasion of the Church by the spirit of modernism (what he correctly defined as the "synthesis of all heresies" — the saint's own words). The Church had weathered centuries of assorted heresies, dissent, schisms and so forth.

But this one, warned the great pope, was a Category 5 hurricane of heresy the likes of which the Church had never seen before. He was spot on. What this heresy claimed was the clergy — but not just claimed them. It claimed them on such a scale as to boggle the mind.

The treachery on the part of heretic bishops and priests in numerous countries has become full-blown in the decades since Vatican II, establishing what amounts to a parallel Church among the faithful. More and more Catholics are coming to realize this as they look around the destruction and are sick to death of hearing all about a "new springtime" of the Church.

That will come, no doubt, one way or the other. But if anyone thinks we are in the midst of that now, that person probably lives in a state that has legalized pot. Likewise, there is a growing consensus among the faithful — meaning those Catholics who actually believe the teachings of the Church (as opposed to those who think they are just nice preachings).

This growing consensus recognizes, first and foremost, the desperate lack of supernatural faith among the bishops and clergy. Too many of the ordained and consecrated class clearly do not believe what the Church teaches, not who the Church is.

Their lack of faith is reflected in their disregard for the sacraments (especially the Blessed Sacrament) and in their disgust for any reverence in the Liturgy, for the mission of the Church, for care for the souls of the faithful, for the devotional life, for vocations to the priesthood, for education and catechesis, you name it. Many of the bishops are not Catholic in any meaningful manner.

But the clamoring of the faithful — which is growing louder — is now threatening to grab headlines in the Church. It's all the rage on social media, and the bishops may be beginning to realize that their carefully constructed facade is starting to break down.

This may have been the reason they trotted out Bp. Robert Barron (a poster bishop for the Church of Nice if there ever was one) to start defending the council and its impact. In what surely will go down as the biggest comic line in 2,000 years of Church history, Barron referred to himself as a "traditionalist" in his defense of Vatican II's implosion.

Let's be charitable and just say that Barron clearly has no idea what Tradition is. His modernist-minded cronies, like Cdl. Dolan, like to parade Barron around as if he is the next Fulton J. Sheen.

As a politician once-quipped, "I knew Bp. Sheen; I served Mass for him — Bp. Barron, you're no Bp. Sheen." Barron is the epitome of style over substance, which is why someone probably started getting nervous in Church of Nice headquarters and got some money ponied up to have Barron front a Vatican II video to say "everything's all good."

No, it's not "all good" — not by a longshot. The Church that Sheen preached bears practically no resemblance to what Barron and his modernist "almost no one is damned" gang preach.

Vatican II never said to have Holy Communion in the hands, dump the organ and bring in guitars, flood the seminaries with perverted men, kill Latin, face the people, hold hands during the Our Father, show up in your flip flops and board shorts and everything that the Church has devolved into.

All of these innovations were injected into the Church by faithless loser bishops like John Dearden here in Detroit (who got the ball rolling) as well as his right-hand man, Chicago cardinal Joseph Bernardin, who was pals with Theodore McCarrick.

There is no way on earth Barron can defend the current state of the Church without implicitly defending these evil men (who actively recruited gay men into their seminaries as just one prong of a multi-pronged attack against the Church).

A perverse theology emerged in these post-conciliar decades, one that deplores the Church's teachings and somehow — remarkably — says that what's wrong with the Church is that Vatican II hasn't been implemented enough. We kid you not — enough!

Most bishops and priests today do not believe the Church is the sole means of salvation, that without the Church there is no salvation. They don't even believe in the inherent dignity of their own sacred offices and duties. And if they do, they sure have a very strange way of showing it.

The apostles were sent into the world to convert it to the Church. The bishops are the successors of the apostles, but somehow, somewhere, the mission to convert the world got garbled and is now "promote gay sex and downplay the Faith." The current condition of the Church is why faithful Catholics have such a difficult time pointing to even one faithful bishop in the country.

Even those few who actually do believe the Faith entirely are like little mice as opposed to the lions their sacred offices and duties demand them to be. Any man who is a bishop — a very public office — who thinks for one minute that his salvation will be secured because he privately (sitting alone in his office) believes the Faith, will have a rude awakening when he opens his eyes on the next world and is hauled in front of the Chief Shepherd.

Seminarians Church Militant talks to, as well as priests from around the country, all tell us that the faithful are being deceived. Most of their clergy do not believe the Faith — or at best they have some perverted notion of it. According to insiders who know how the chanceries work, who know how the politics are played, where the bodies are buried, where the money is going, who the players are — all of it is a giant scam carried on to preserve their positions of power and pretended prestige.

Ten years from now, with or without a President Biden Marxist attack against the Church, it will not look the same. The rot is so bad, the men with influence so evil, that it cannot remain this way for too much longer. Vatican II may have slowly begun to bring all of this out into the public view, but it did not cause it, even though some of the ambiguity of the documents may have been easily weaponized by heretics, schismatics and dissenters.

Just like the original hippies from the 1960s took control of the universities as they aged, the "hippie clergy" of the 1960s eventually took control of the Church (at least here on earth) as they aged.
The debate over Vatican II, as warranted as it may be, is not the real debate. The real debate is the lack of supernatural faith among the bishops and their attempts to tell you there's nothing to be worried about.

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Well, this video proves that History is repeating itself. Just before Christ's Birth 5 false High Priests were in charge of the Temple in Jerusalem who took control one after another. A new pagan altar was erected up to and against the Altar of Yahweh, Temple Rituals were altered, worshipers apostasised and undid their circumcision in order to fit in with the none-Jews. At this time, one Priest fled …More
Well, this video proves that History is repeating itself. Just before Christ's Birth 5 false High Priests were in charge of the Temple in Jerusalem who took control one after another. A new pagan altar was erected up to and against the Altar of Yahweh, Temple Rituals were altered, worshipers apostasised and undid their circumcision in order to fit in with the none-Jews. At this time, one Priest fled Jerusalem and continued to train Priests in the Traditional forms of worship..... The similarities are frankly incredible.....

These are amazingly attuned to our modern crisis also.........…/marie julie.html…