COVID-19 pandemic group of reserve officers investigation report

Investigation report of a group of reserve officers into the COVID-19 pandemic and its links to SARS-CoV-2 and other factors - Guy Boulianne: author, editor and truth seeker.

One of my readers forwarded to me a document entitled: "Investigation Report of a Group of Reserve Officers into the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Links to SARS-CoV-2 and Other Factors" in date May 13, 2020. I therefore allow myself to share it with you. This is an educational and information summary document for internal use and restricted.

This is an automatic translation. If you understand French, I advise you to read the original article:

Rapport d’enquête d’un groupe d’officiers de réserve sur la pandémie de COVID-19

Indeed, reserve executives in France investigated for 50 days to clarify the issues related to the "pandemic" of 2020. The Report has been banned from distribution for the moment. However, faced with the urgency and gravity of the facts, they chose to communicate it all the same to civil society. We therefore have in our hands the "general public" version of the references to the Group and the acronyms of the Unit.

The investigative group warns of disinformation that seems to surround this issue, on which many opinions differ - especially between "authorities" and practitioners on the ground.

However, elements that seemed to form a consensus were identified and synthesized, in order to constitute a library of knowledge likely to help the reader to strengthen his immune system and his lifestyle, in the face of a virus that is nothing ordinary. One thing is obvious, however: this virus, if it exists, is neither natural nor accidental.

The investigation group noted inconsistencies which led to the identification of manifest corruption and intentions contrary to the public good, culminating in criminal and genocidal intentions, and the establishment of a totalitarian state, which are reported in the conclusions.

Thank you here to the investigation group, made up of reserve executives who, for fifty days, investigated relentlessly to see more clearly in the "Covid-19 pandemic" and delivered their conclusions - all cross-checked and sourced - . The analysis delivered is sometimes very far from the official thesis. The investigators had to make a choice - both difficult and courageous - between the servility of a conventional and risk-free posture, limited to official discourse, and the loyalty due to civilian populations touched to the heart and often misinformed by some. institutions which turned out to be subservient to the Merchant Order. This time again, the reservists will be alongside the Nation.

The conclusions of the investigation report

It is clear that, factually, flagrant inconsistencies and inexplicable “voids” invalidate the official theory and that the management of the health “crisis”, just as inconsistent, seems rather a pretext for a totalitarian takeover at the global level. What appeared to us as biological and electromagnetic warfare, supported by a vast “smoke-out” operation, obviously conceals massive corruption even within the WHO and the most shameful intentions.

If the existence of a virus cannot in any case be ruled out, and if therefore the "barrier gestures" will have to continue to be applied until the end of the health "crisis", an electromagnetic type war is undeniably at hand. work behind this smoke screen sowing confusion even in the ranks of medical and hospital staff. Thus, it turns out that many antennas have been set up in favor of confinement, without concern for the “precautionary principle” which is widely mentioned elsewhere, in particular to hamper medical treatment.

Although HAARP or SURA type technologies immediately come to mind, 5G installations, both land and air (Elon Musk's satellites in low-altitude orbit), are obviously participating in this "all-out war" project. In this regard, it is impossible not to notice the similarity of the pulmonary damage observed by all emergency physicians in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic with the damage caused by the use of a radiation weapon, and until permanent headaches, increasing fatigue, burning sensations in the lungs, thrombosis and loss of sensitivity to smells and tastes also cited as one of the symptoms of COVID-19. In this regard, the authoritative report by Dr Jeremy K. Raynes, an electromagnetic field engineer - indicates that signals are used by the human body to regulate its processes, warning that external electromagnetic signals can seriously interfere in this process. Obviously up to disorganizing the immune system.

Moreover, the intentions to impose a dematerialized currency, a vaccine comprising nanochips, and a subcutaneous electronic chip at the global level clearly reflect totalitarian temptations. But while it has been found that industrial activities (mining, oil and gas extraction, geothermal energy) can, in certain cases, induce earthquakes, no investigation has been carried out by the Earth's reaction to the massive use of 5G technology. However, since the 5G tests carried out with the approval of ARCEP (regulatory authority for electronic communications and the Post Office), unusual earthquakes - quickly forgotten - have shaken France in particular in November 2019 and municipalities have been recognized. in a state of natural disaster. If we add to this the fact that solar eruptions - thought to be closely correlated with volcanic activity - would be such as to suddenly render all electronic systems inoperative, the sorcerer's apprentice game certain international players in industry and finance could well lead us towards a most uncertain future.

Anyway, the involvement of 5G is highly suspected in the current health disaster, either that exposure to these radiations highly potentiated the pathogenicity of the virus or of the Prevotella bacteria causing the cytokine shock. , or that the viral episode of "COVID-19" is only the preparation of a combined operation of greater scale, combined with a smokescreen aimed at concealing large-scale tests of this electromagnetic weapon, for criminal purposes which will remain to be clarified.

"If, according to NRBC terminology, it does seem to be a 'war', as the President of the French Republic has said on several occasions, it could well be that it is not of an exclusively biological conflict, but rather of a combined and biological and radiological war. A war against the Peoples. ” - Investigation group (reserve officers in France)

The recommendations of the Investigation Group

The Inquiry Group solemnly recommends the creation of a permanent "NRBC Study Group", oriented towards the study of biological agents and towards the study of morbid radiation, in order to give populations the means to protect themselves from harm. '' a possible and massive use of 5G technologies which, once in place and pushed to high power, would inevitably result in a massacre, especially if they are combined with pathogenic injections in vaccine form and aerial spraying (chemtrails) of endocrine disruptors or viral agents.

Thus, if the deaths caused by COVID-19 could have been favored by tests of 5G increasing the pathogenicity of the virus, conversely, deaths caused by a one-off increase in power of 5G antennas could be attributed to COVID-19 .
At the end of fifty days of investigation and in terms of the risk study, the Investigation Group recommends that the following should be analyzed urgently by a Threat Study Group:

the sociological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on civil liberties and the economy;

the content of the compulsory vaccine in preparation and in particular the presence of nanotechnologies (electronic chips for population control);

the intentions for an abolition of physical currency and its impact on
public freedoms (chipping populations, which has already started in Europe);

the health impact and on public freedoms of the massive deployment of 5G, the deployment and exact role of HAARP and SURA devices;

the exact nature of chemical trails and their objectives (chemtrails): heavy metals as endocrine disruptors (aluminum, barium), spreading of ethnic viruses;

the risk of communal confrontation as a tool for the destruction of nations;

the risk of world war (generalized NRBC conflict).

At the individual level, the GE recommends developing their autonomy (natural water point nearby, food, vegetable garden, henhouse, beehives for those who can, essential oils, green clay, quercetin), not to submit without thinking about a vaccine that would be offered to us in the context of the "pandemic" (the law prohibits treatment without the informed consent of the patient), to stay away from 5G installations in working order and to beware of aerial spraying (chemtrails ) which could resume at the end of confinement: it would then be necessary not to leave home.

If we add to this the risk that intercommunity clashes may be encouraged to destabilize and destroy nation-states in order to lead populations towards unelected and totalitarian world governance, as well as the risk of CBRN conflicts (nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical), the future situation could well require a lot of vigilance and solidarity, in a spirit of brotherhood and complementarity.

Some seem to have decided to open Pandora's box.



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