Covid-19 Vaccine: SSPX Revokes Earlier Statement

FSSPX.news, a website of the Society of Saint Pius X, retracted a November 19 statement about Covid-19 vaccines.

The statement had erroneously claimed that "the Church permits" using but not manufacturing vaccines developed with fetal cells, admitting that this sounded contradictory.

However, it insisted that in this case collaboration with sin would be only material (= exteriorly) and not formal (= interiorly) because there are no alternatives and participation in this vaccine "could even be seen as necessary.”

On November 24, this statement was replaced by: “The United States District of the Society of Saint Pius X has recently convened a panel of priests, moral theologians, and medical experts to further study this issue, under the guidance of the General House in Menzingen.”


Libor Halik
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Libor Halik
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