BREAKING: Vienna Cardinal Schönborn "Blessed" A Gay Partnership

The most notorious Austrian homosexual Gery Keszler, 55, revealed on September 4 that Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 73, "blessed" his gay concubinage.

Keszler is the founder of the Vienna Life Ball, Europe's biggest gay propaganda show. He is a personal friend of Schönborn. They regularly meet for tête-à-tête dinners. In December 2017, both organised a gay propaganda event inside Vienna cathedral.

The shock revelation was made by Keszler during a public conversation with pro-gay Bishop Benno Elbs of Feldkirch, Austria. The meeting was organised by the diocese and published as a video.

Keszler recounted how Schönborn visited him in Keszler's weekend house in Güssing, South Burgenland, on August 15 - the feast of the Assumption - for lunch, in presence of Keszler's gay concubine. Güssing is a 160 km drive from Vienna.

According to Keszler, Schönborn "said grace" and then "suddenly blessed" the two unrepentant homosexuals, "This was for me awesome", Keszler added.

After the "blessing" they opened a bottle of champagne, that was brought by Schönborn's "intimate".

Keszler said that he was "very, very happy" about Schönborn's "blessing" admitting that his revelation is "a bit of a forced outing" of Schönborn, "But since he did it, he will likely agree that I may talk about it."

The Church considers homosexuality one of the four sins crying out to God for vengeance. Homosexuality is almost exclusively responsible for the Church's abuse and pedophilia crisis.

Picture: Gery Keszler, Christoph Schönborn, © Figlhaus Wien Akademie für Dialog und Evangelisation, CC BY-SA, #newsZgxforzmrp

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