Men Can’t Get Pregnant? Suspended from Twitter

Francisco José Contreras, a member of the Spanish Parliament, violated Twitter.com’s “hate speech policy” by stating that "a man can't get pregnant."

Contreras shared an article about a woman presented as “transgender man” who gave birth to a child. He wrote that men have "no uterus" and therefore can't give birth to children.

After making this bold claim, he was suspended for 12 hours. Contreras commented that Twitter.com likely considered his statement as “fascist biology” vowing that, next time, he will try to post “2 +2 = 4” - which probably will go down as “fascist mathematics.”

Picture: Francisco José Contreras © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsUynfvqitey

That's why men are classified as Non-Birthing Persons
We should have a new reality show and invite men guests who think a man can get pregnant and watch them try,it would be interesting! A new crib for the winner!
I'm sure there already are "reality shows" like that online. :P It's sexual and twisted, Rule 34 is a rule for reason. Men trying to get pregnant from other men? These days? Guaranteed.
"Hate speech" has now been expanded to any statement that contradicts a left-wing gender fantasy, even if the statement itself is factually correct..