Latin Mass Catholic Becomes One Of Most Powerful British Politicians

Jacob Rees-Mogg, an Old Rite Catholic, will serve as the leader of Britain’s House of Commons under prime minister Boris Johnson, the first British prime minister who was baptized a Catholic.

Because Rees-Mogg “opposes abortion in cases of rape” and “LGBTQ rights," Owen Jones, a columnist for the anti-life The Guardian, threw a tantrum on Twitter (July 25).

Twitter user “The Gent. Brexiteer” answered him that many other religions don’t condone gay pseudo-marriage, criticizing Jones for not condemning Muslims for doing the same.

He points out that for Jones religious tolerance and gay ideology are "incompatible.”

Below is a video in which Rees-Mogg lambasts the BBC for 23 minutes.

Picture: Jacob Rees-Mogg, #newsLyftylhbgv

If "leadership" isn't about leading with your views, then what IS leadership!? "In touch", "out of touch", blah-blah-blah...that is for followers to worry about.
The old idea of liberality was that it was a good thing that all the creeds should dispute freely; the new idea of liberality is that there should be no creeds to dispute.
Liberals are furious in the UK. They say, Government taken over by people with whom I passionately disagree. Thus, End of democracy. Protest until the Government is taken over by people who agree with me.