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Pope Francis Makes Private Visit With Big VIP Helicopter

This morning at 7.27 Pope Francis left the Vatican on board of a Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma of the Italian Army in order to undertake a private visit to the tomb of two pro-Communist or pro-modernist Italian priests, Fr Primo Mazzolari (+1959) and Fr Lorenzo Milani (+1967). His first destination was Bozzolo, where Fr Mazzolari is burried. The flight distance was 400 km.

The twin-engined aircraft used for this private visit is about 20 m long and almost 5 m high. It can carry up to 24 persons and consumes almost three litres of fuel pro km. The aircraft is not know for being environment friendly. Only very rich people can permit themselves to use it for private visits.

After having arrived with the helicopter in Bozzolo, Pope Francis changed into a Fiat Tipo.

Picture:, #newsYfzusgwlig
Catolicos Apostolicos Wolves in sheep's clothing have penetrated Church and Catholic media, including Poland. Should resist and pray Rosary.
Católicos Apostólicos
Please this person bernardette soubirous is discrediting the news and is slandering you by accusing you of posting false news.
Sometimes the end of exaggerated simplicity is exaggerated complexity. For example, a simple subway ride ends with complex Big VIP helicopter ride...