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Cardinal Müller Speaks in Germany – And Nobody Knows About It

Kardinal Gerhard Müller spoke on November 4 in Maria Laach Benedictine Monastery, Germany, but only 45 listeners were present, writes Klaus Elmar Müller on (November 9).

The event was organised by an agency that had rented the place. Entrance fee: 15 euros. Müller was circumspect probably trying to please the host, Father Nikodemus Schnabel OSB.

When he was asked how the “breach with tradition” could have happened in the Church, he hesitated. An elderly participant interjected, “It was the Council’s mistake.” But Müller did not react.

Later on, Müller was asked about the significance of Rome. He started speaking about Peter and Paul asking to support the Vatican with donations.

The elderly man reacted again; “I will not pay anything to the Pachamama Church.”

When the moderator tried to interrupt him, the man added, “It can't be that one has to read in order to know what His Eminence really thinks."

This inspired the cardinal. He became animated, compared the Pachamama cult with worshipping Wotan and Thor, and explained how Saint Boniface evangelised.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsMnfblnpelt

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