Former US Nuncio: Francis Has Covered Up Homosexual Abuses

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 77, published on August 22 an explosive 11 page statement about the case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88.

Viganò has known about this case [at least] since 1998. From 2011 to 2016 he was the Apostolic Nuncio to the USA. He and his two predecessors in Washington have warned the Holy See about McCarrick, to no avail.

According to Viganò Benedict XVI [secretly] forbad McCarrick any public ministry in 2009 or 2010.

Francis Reverses Sanctions

After the election of Pope Francis, McCarrick was quickly rehabilitated. Not only did he again start travelling and giving lectures and interviews, he also became an important councillor of Francis.

In 2014, Viganò asked his superior, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, whether the sanctions against McCarrick were still in place but Parolin chose not to reply.

Viganò mentions many Vatican prelates who “knew in every detail the situation regarding Cardinal McCarrick”: Ouellet, Baldisseri, Coccopalermio, Paglia, Becciu, Mamberti.

Viganò also states that Cardinal Wuerl who was McCarrick’s successor in Washington, “was fully aware” of the case. He calls Wuerl’s recent claims, that he knew nothing, “absolutely laughable” and “shameless lies”.

Viganó also disputes the denials of Cardinals Farrell and O’Malley.

Francis’ Trap: “What Do You Think Of McCarrick?”

Viganò reveals worrisome facts about Francis whom he encountered for the first time during an audience for nuncios on June 21, 2013. The day before, Viganò had met McCarrick in Rome who had been received by Francis on June 19 and was going to travel to China. Later Viganò learned about the “long friendship” between McCarrick and Bergoglio.

Francis received the nuncios in a single file, one by one. When it was Viganó's turn, he snarled at him, “The bishops in the United States must not be ideologised! They must be shepherds!”

Surprised by this outburst, Viganò asked for an audience which he received on June 23. During the audience Francis was like exchanged, almost affectionate, “Yes, the bishops in the United States must not be ideologized", he told Viganò, "They must not be right-wing like the Archbishop of Philadelphia, they must be shepherds; and they must not be left-wing — and he added, raising both arms — and when I say left-wing I mean homosexual.”

Francis asked Viganò, “What is Cardinal McCarrick like?”. Viganò exposed the truth but Francis, showing no reaction, changed the subject.

Viganò believes that this was “a trap”. Francis wanted to find out where the nuncio was standing.

McCarrick Was Francis' Kingmaker

Viganò met Francis again on October 10, 2013. This time, Francis asked Viganò: “What is Cardinal Wuerl like, is he good or bad?”

Viganò told Francis about Wuerl’s pastoral carelessness regarding deviations at Georgetown University and about an invitation to young aspirants to the priesthood to meet McCarrick. Again, Francis did not show any reaction.

Viganò explains that McCarrick and the compromised Cardinal Maradiaga are/were “the kingmakers for appointments in the Curia and in the United States”. Together with Wuerl they orchestrated the appointment of Cupich to Chicago and Tobin to Newark.

Francis Must Resign For Covering Up Abuses

Viganò concludes that Francis knew about McCarrick's abuses but chose to cover for him,

“He did not take into account the sanctions that Pope Benedict had imposed on him and made him his trusted counsellor along with Maradiaga.”

Picture: Carlo Maria Viganò, © lifesitenews.com, #newsGcravpggjz
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De Profundis
Pray for +Vigano. The mafia will want his head on a platter now. Seriously.
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