Burned Church: Blessed Sacrament Found

St Mary's Church in Nchang, Mamfe Diocese, Cameroon, was burnt down by criminals on 16 September. They kidnapped five priests, a sister and lay people to demand a ransom.

Bishop Aloysius Fondong of Mamfé visited the place and found the ciborium with the consecrated hosts. It was intact. A video released by Aid to the Church in Need shows Fondong opening the tabernacle, prostrating himself and removing the ciborium.

“What happened is abominable. They are testing the patience of God,” he said. Thousands have died in Cameroon in armed conflicts with separatists since 2014. In Cameroon, about 60% are Christians and 30% Muslim.


Where is the main media ?when it comes about fires on catholic churchs you can hear crickets
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Jeffrey Ade
Thank God the Blessed Sacrament was found. We see a world around us where Catholics are put to the sword without anyone raising a hand to help! It will not be long before the blood of our martrys will cry out for justice and then it will come. Let us all be in the proper frame of mind when we receive our share of the Divine Wrath! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
Malki Tzedek
While the UN has tyrannical tantrums over ideologically perverse minutia. I pray for these blessed people of Cameroon, and for those who should be helping them but do not.
God bless the people of Cameroon. God bless Bishop Aloysius Fondong and protect his priests and religious from Satan’s minions.
My Lord my God. I think I would be on my knees. Perhaps they are in shock.