Western Values™: US Prepared to Shed Blood For Homosex Standard

Darren Beattie, a former speechwriter for President Trump, warned China on Twitter.com (October 7) that the US is prepared to shed blood to ensure the homosex standard flies over Taiwan.

Beattie posted his warning to Chinese President Xi Jinping, “Make no mistake Xi, Americans are prepared to spend whatever blood and treasure it takes to ensure that the Rainbow Flag of Diversity, and not the Chinese flag, will fly over Taiwan.”

He declared the “Globalist American Empire” would do so under the guise of “freedom.” Beattie intended to be sarcastic but a Twitter.com user warned him, “Only a few will comprehend the irony of the post enough to appreciate.”


Dr Bobus
The main reason not to have Taiwan absorbed by communist China is that Taiwan has the largest manufacturer of chips in the world.
A former speech-writer for a former president doesn't set US policy. If this is his idea of witty writing, no wonder Mr. Trump lost.
atreverse pensar
But not the Cross, be sure. What we can expect from of an antichristian goverment?